Film Spotlight: The Swing Set – A Sean Hunt Film

Today on the blog we will be highlighting Hunt Production Studios Film: “The Swing Set – A Sean Hunt Film”.

Check out the trailer to the film below:

“The Swing Set” was Sean Hunt’s College Senior Film.  It premiered January 2011 at The Flick Theater in Anderson, Missouri and went on to have theater showings in St. Louis, Missouri – Webb City, Missouri – Siloam Springs, Arkansas – & Grove, Oklahoma.

The film stars Bernie Hayes as “Doctor Robert Smith” and Cynthia Butcher as “Alison”.

“The Swing Set” recently received 12 nominations at the 2019 Dreams Come True Film Festival including Best Director (Sean Hunt), Best Writing, Best Cinematography, Best Actor (Bernie Hayes) and taking home the win for Best Child Actress (Cynthia Butcher) and Best Teen Actress (Phylicia Freytag Crain).

“The Swing Set” was inspired by the life and faith of Natalie Jones.

“Faith not tested cannot be trusted” is the film’s tagline and Sean says that he hoped the film would encourage the audience to trust God during their difficult times instead of blaming God for them.

Sean says he enjoyed the whole filmmaking process, especially writing the film and showing it to a group of people for the first time.

All hospital scenes for the film were filmed at the Gravette Arkansas Hospital in Gravette, Arkansas now know as the Ozarks Community Hospital.

Sean shares that he is thankful that “The Swing Set” has had a long run and continues to gain steam.

You can find out more about “The Swing Set” on IMDb.

It is available to Stream for Free with an Amazon Prime Account. (Digital Rental and Purchase options also available.) “The Swing Set” is also available to stream with a Saltflix account.

Enjoy the “The Swing Set” in the news and promo videos below:

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