Artist Spotlight – Joanna Lower

Award winning actress and singer/songwriter Joanna Lower has always had a passion for singing and what started with her voice soon developed into a full fledged passion for the performing arts. Joanna released her debut album “Go Live It” in 2018, featuring 11 original songs written by Joanna herself. In early 2020, Ms. Lower also filmed her first official music video for her original song titled ‘Hope Song’ which has reached over 85,000+ views on YouTube, and her radio show ‘The Wake Up Call’ airs Tuesdays and Thurdays (10am EST) on internet radio station RacMan Christian Radio. 

As an actress, Joanna’s recent bookings include the role of the unscrupulous Ann Foster Melton in historical drama ‘Laura’ and antagonistic Caroline in the Christian feature film, ‘The Renegade’. Joanna is excited to see what the future holds as both singer and actress and she welcomes you to come along for the ride! 

Check out the interview with Joanna Lower below!

Kylie: What would you say was your biggest inspiration for becoming a singer and actress?

Joanna: My Mom introduced me to Christian music at an early age and I just loved singing along to the music, especially if it was Rebecca St. James or Jaci Valesquez songs! (They were both huge inspirations for me as a singer!) When I was still very little I decided I wanted to sing professionally and I just never stopped wanting it. I believe the Lord put the desire in my heart and it just grew from there and before long it included acting and modeling as well! I believe its a calling, to spread the Good News through the arts!

Kylie: If you had to pick a favorite song, what would it be and why?

Joanna: I have so many favorite songs haha, so I will just go with the “Most Listened To” song on my iPod… Surprisingly it’s “Don’t Dream Its Over” by Sixpence None the Richer. I’m not sure why I like this song so much (its not my typical favorite genre) but I really enjoy it! I also find it interesting because I never liked Sixpence None the Richer as a child even though I heard their music all the time on the radio, but I love their music now! Some of their music has really blessed and impacted me in the past couple years and it just goes to show that something you create now can have a major impact on someone’s life a decade or two down the road! 

Kylie: What are some hobbies you enjoy outside of singing and acting?

Joanna: I am a mixed media artist and I really enjoy sitting at my art table, listening to music or  maybe a sermon by Joseph Prince and just creating these unique works of art! Here are a couple of my Disney projects that are now hanging in my room! (Note: I did not paint the photos on the inside but the entire frame is my work.) Fun fact: I added a few “Hidden Mickey’s” to each project! Disney World is known for having hidden Mickey Mouse sillouettes throughout their theme park so I added a few Mickey Mouse faces/shapes to my projects just for fun!

Kylie: How would you say you incorporate your faith into your career?

Joanna: Anytime I perform I pray for the Lord’s anointing to be upon me and my performance. I’ll pray for the Lord’s help to do whatever I need to do with excellence. I even had one experience where I was performing with a friend for a Zoom acting class and moments before we were going to perform I felt so disconnected from the character and the scene. I called out to the Lord for His help and anointing, and the moment we began the scene I felt the connection, I felt the nuances of the character and was even able to bring a genuine tearful emotion into the scene! I believe in preparation, practicing and putting your all into what you do but I believe when the Lord’s anointing is poured over it He will help us do things that are above and beyond anything we could do on our own! 

Kylie: I know you also host and are a spokesperson for several exciting things, can you share with the readers about them?

Joanna: Yes, absolutely! I am the host of a radio show called “The Wake Up Call” on RacMan Christian Radio! It plays every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am Eastern/7am Pacific, and its an hour of music/ministry and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to host! Also I have a new show called “The Joanna Lower Show” which also includes ministry and music on an upcoming TV Channel called KTV! (This show is still in the works and we’ll have more information soon!) This show came about through a company/ministry called Coming Soon Jesus who has officially endorsed me as a Coming Soon Jesus Artist!! Anytime someone purchases a t-shirt on their website ( and they type my full name into the comment box in step 4 of the checkout process, they are supporting me and my music and helping me to create new content! I’m very thankful for their support!

Kylie: Do you have any upcoming projects we can be watching for in the near future?

Joanna: We will be filming a short film for a historical drama called “Laura” in the spring which I am very excited about! It will be a proof of concept short for the full-length feature film we will be shooting later in the year (or perhaps shooting in early 2022)! Also, my music will be making an appearance in some upcoming feature films such as the faith-based movie “Through Eyes of Grace!” I’ll be sharing more details about these projects and more in the coming months on my social media pages! 

Kylie: Where can people connect with you?

Joanna: So many different places haha! Here is my website and other social media sites:





Savior Connect:

You can also find my music on various sites, including:


Amazon Music:


YouTube Music:

Hope Song Music Video:

Kylie: Thank you for taking the time to share with us today, Joanna. Excited to see all the things the Lord has in store for you in your career & ministry!

Joanna: Thank you so much for the opportunity to do this interview! It was a pleasure and a blessing!

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