Author Interview: Allison Tebo

I am excited to have Author Allison Tebo on the blog today to talk about her newest release: The Goblin and the Dancer!

It is a magical and heartfelt retelling of The Steadfast Tin Soldier about finding your worth.

Without further ado, here’s Allison to tell us more about the book!

Kylie: Can you tell us a little about the characters and the world of The Goblin And The Dancer?

Allison: Yes! The Goblin and the Dancer is a retelling of the Steadfast Tin Soldier set in the imaginary land of Auverne, a world populated by elves and goblins and loosely inspired by nineteenth century France and Russia. The story opens in the city of La Caen, an Elvish city, but takes place mostly in the world beneath its streets, the realm of the goblins. The book focuses predominately on a goblin janitor named Grik, who pines for the beautiful Elvish dancer, Rosanna. But things grows complicated when a handsome and arrogant soldier named Paul appears, and the rivalry over Rosanna turns into something ugly.

Kylie: What inspired you to write The Goblin And The Dancer?

Allison: I’ve had an infatuation with goblins (or any ugly little creature) for some time. I had also watched a YouTube video where a Lego orc had a crush on Arwen that, alas, didn’t work out, I found myself thinking that the ugly guy should have had a fair shot at winning the girl’s heart. I was determined to do an elf and goblin love story and was on the lookout for an opportunity to present itself. When I joined the Villains Ever After collaboration shortly thereafter, I began looking through fairy tales to retell and discovered, with delight, a reference to a villainous goblin in the story of The Steadfast Tin Soldier. Here, at last, was my opportunity to write the goblin and elf romance. The rest is history!

Kylie: Which character(s) do you most relate to in The Goblin And The Dancer?

Allison: I’m not sure that I relate to any of the characters specifically. Though, admittedly, it’s rare for me to relate to characters, except on the most basic levels of shared humanity. I think I relate a little to Rosanna’s insecurities over her gift. I also relate to her tenacity in clinging to beauty, despite the naysayers around her or inside her own head.

Kylie: Would you say you have a favorite character?

Allison: Well, I love my three favorite characters, quite a bit. I’m not sure I could choose a favorite, though I have a soft spot for my ugly little goblin. He needs some extra loving, so I’m going to go with Grik.

Kylie: What types of research, if any, did you have to do for The Goblin And The Dancer?

Allison: I’m a bit embarrassed to say that I didn’t really do any research on this story, other than a modicum of research on the sewers of Paris, flash grenades, and, of course, studying the original story by Hans Christian Anderson.

Kylie: Could you share with us a little about your writing process?

Allison: Sure! I like to use this outlining method I found by a YouTuber named Katytastic. It was the method I used for The Goblin and the Dancer and it made a huge difference. Armed with this outline, which is roughly twelve sentences, I do some extra brainstorming on each chapter and type up some notes. This story was a bit unusual for me because I largely wrote in it in sequential order. When I sit down for each chapter, I usually do about 1k to 2k of “free writing” – just getting down every random snippet of description and dialogue floating around in my head. Then I arrange that bit of free writing in chronological order and start filling in the gaps until the chapter is done. And then it’s on to the next chapter!
While I’m working I always have a nice drink and a thematic candle burning along with some music or sound effects. Those are musts.

Kylie: Can you tell us a bit about any future writing plans or projects that you may have coming up?

Allison: I’m plotting out several more fairy tale retellings. One is based on Jack and the Beanstalk and set in a world inspired by Vietnam/Cambodia and another is a Pied Piper set on a fictional tropical island! And, as always, I create fairy tale flash fiction and fairy-tale themed articles and games on Patreon every month!

Kylie: Where can readers connect with you?

Allison: You can find out more about me on my author website and blog. The best way to stay in regular contact with me is to sign up to my monthly author newsletter or follow me on Instagram. I’m always partying over there! For people who really want a front row seat to my writing, you can also join my street team, the awesome gang that gets behind-the-scenes stories, excerpts, and more!

Thank you, Allison for stopping by and chatting with us today!

You can connect with Author Allison Tebo at the links below:








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